October 16, 2014


Two years ago we made a fake trailer for a movie we WANTED to make. And TODAY thanks to you guys, the OFFICIAL TEASER TRAILER for that movie is here! You did this. Your support and love brought the smart black movie genre back from the dead and into theaters this OCTOBER 17TH!!

Go over to YOUTUBE and give us a “thumbs up” if you dig us http://youtu.be/Uag2G0J6iqw

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October 14, 2014


get into them now so that when they get famous you can be that one person who’s like “well i knew them before they got popular”


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October 11, 2014


Lupe shutting shit down on twitter

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I live on my college campus and one of my randomly assigned roommates is a classic ignorant annoying probably racist white boy. I can just tell.  He is extremely pro military and his dad is a cop. All he eats is white bread sandwiches and frozen waffles warmed up in the microwave. 

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Via brown like me


So the vast majority of posts I see about Ferguson (and now the shooting in St Louis) are in the form of tweets, and those are kind of difficult for me to read. Does anyone know of any good blogs I could follow that are keeping up with these stories and relaying the details in other formats?

Iwritefeminism does a good job at covering the situation, but I don’t believe it’s from a “black” perspective. 

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Via Words, wands and the wild



Tinashe Performs “2 On” feat. Schoolboy Q

She killed it.

Her choreo gives me high school talent show feels but imma let her live because this is still my summer/fall bop

(Source: youtube.com)

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